Monday, December 31, 2012


For the most part, writing is a solitary activity. I sit by myself at my desk, I surround myself in silence, and I type words into a computer. When I first began writing, I wrote for myself.

One day, everything changed.

Once I began interacting with my readers, my approach to writing shifted. I was now no longer writing for myself or for some hypothetical person who may or may not ever read my words. I was now writing with readers in mind. I considered what they wanted to see the characters say and do.

I still had a story in mind that I wanted to tell, but I had an added concern – would the readers I’ve come to know enjoy the story? For me, the answer has to be yes.

So I would like to thank you, the readers, for your support of me and my writing. The third book in the Gabriel series would not exist without your gentle prodding and your emails and tweets. I’m grateful for your confidence in me and I’m conscious of it as I write.

This site is for readers to keep up with my writing – both the Gabriel series and forthcoming projects.

All the best and thank you,


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