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For the most part, writing is a solitary activity. I sit by myself at my desk, I surround myself in silence, and I type words into a computer. When I first began writing, I wrote for myself.

One day, everything changed.

Once I began interacting with my readers, my approach to writing shifted. I was now no longer writing for myself or for some hypothetical person who may or may not ever read my words. I was now writing with readers in mind. I considered what they wanted to see the characters say and do.

I still had a story in mind that I wanted to tell, but I had an added concern – would the readers I’ve come to know enjoy the story? For me, the answer has to be yes.

So I would like to thank you, the readers, for your support of me and my writing. The third book in the Gabriel series would not exist without your gentle prodding and your emails and tweets. I’m grateful for your confidence in me and I’m conscious of it as I write.

This site is for readers to keep up with my writing – both the Gabriel series and forthcoming projects.

All the best and thank you,


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Anonymous said...

You are so wonderful SR. You are certainly someone I admire and would like to emulate as I start my journey as a writer. Thank you so much for your continued generosity and love.


Pamela Christine said...

I'm sure whatever story you'll write, we'll love it! Thank you for creating the books we love and we will love,:)Looking forward to the other books you will write :)

Unknown said...

We THANK YOU for giving us these two brilliant books and caring for our opinions and ideas. It's not very often to see a public figure interact daily with the very people who values and suports him/her. You definetly are a person to be admired and supported for everything you create and do. You are teaching us to be better in every way. Looking forward to your future projects. I wish you a very happy and creative New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest SR and Team - Love this new site it's brilliant! You all are great to your followers! I would also like to say your an Inspiration SR for your writings and humanitarian side....reading your books this year has been a gift that just keeps on giving!!! So I'd like to raise my glass to you and say Cheers to you and yours! Deb Lane

Unknown said...

Dear SR,Love your new site! I had no idea it was yours until this morning.What a lovely surprise!Thank you for your brilliant books and inspirational messages.I've never seen an author interact with his or her readers they way you have.I love your wonderful sense of crack me up!You've become my inspiration to be a better writer,(I'm a novice).You and Professor Emerson have captured my heart and I anxiously await your #3.I wish you and your family a very Happy & Healthy 2013.And, thank you again for bringing a smile to all our faces. Hugs, Ellie Totten

Unknown said...

Hi SR - thanks so much for this - and to the fabulous Argyle Army for bringing us, the readers, so much interactive fun and information. Good wishes for 2013 for all concerned. Much love, Sheila xxx

Maria said...

Hi SR, You are a gifted & talented writer! Your kind & generous soul comes through in everything you write and that's why your appeal is global. As one of your besotted fans, every info. or news from you is welcome.
Your Gabriel series has given me endless joy this past year, thank you! After reading Gabriel's Inferno, I could tell it was different. It stood apart from the other books as if it was "royalty" while the others were "mere commoners".
Interacting & listening to your readers also make you special, "our beloved author".
I wish you even greater success in the coming years and I look forward to reading all your future works. Much, much love!
Sincerely, Maria <3

Maria said...

Yay, I just realized that mine was the 7th comment. My favorite number, just like the SN!

Jewels said...

I cannot thank you enough for these books. I am excited for the 3rd one and intrigued to see what other characters you have to reveal. Best to you in 2013!

Kelsey said...

I am very excited for the new year and seeing what is to come. I have fallen so in love with the characters you have created and look forward to more. You have such a gift and a way with words. I wish you nothing but success with the coming year and cannot wait to read more from you! much love

~Elli~Iris~ said...

Thanks You SR for writing and for bringing your readers together. The women (and a few men) I have met through following you are some of the best friends I have ever had and I really enjoy spreading the love for your words! And now, a new place to play! Come one come all! Subscribe and Join the Argyle Empire!
Miss Iris~Elli

SerendipitousMC said...

Thank you, SR. Elli said it perfectly: I've met some of the most wonderful people - friends I never would have made - thanks to your writing. I feel very fortunate to know you and to be able to enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Anonymous said...

SR, You are such a generous writer and this post right here demonstrates that perfectly. Reading for me only recently became a joyful experience again after many years away from reading for pleasure, but it's taken on a new dimension as I get the unexpected delight in interacting with talented writers like you who not only give birth to these incredible stories and characters but who converse openly and thoughtfully with fans and aspiring authors. So thank YOU for opening up a completely different world to the reader, not only through your rich characters and compelling stories but for giving us a front row seat to your wit, your thought process and your splendid imagination. ~ Chris Kuhn,

Anais Mark said...

Coaxing you out of that cave was good times. Being a social animal isn't so tough and you're a quick study.

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