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Pre-Orders for the Portuguese Edition of Gabriel's Inferno Now Available!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Earlier this morning, SR announced that the Portuguese translation of Gabriel's Inferno is now available for pre-order.

You can do so using any of the links listed below:





Happy Reading and Happy Weekend!

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Libros de Romantica interview with SR

Libros de Romantic posted a great interview with SR. You can read it here: There is a link to translate it to English.
Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

One Word: Tiramisu

Picking up a fork, she loaded it with tiramisù and arched an expectant eyebrow at him. “Close your eyes.”

Gabriel did as he was told, and she delicately slipped the fork between his lips. He hummed loudly, for the dessert was very good. Better still was the pleasure of being fed by his beloved. She was preparing to serve him another piece when he interrupted her.

“I think you forgot something, Miss Mitchell.” His tongue swept across his lower lip.
He grasped her hand, dragging two of her fingers through a small portion of the dessert and drawing those same fingers languorously into his mouth. As usual, he was unhurried, drawing gently, on each finger, gliding his tongue up and down before sucking on them from root to tip.

-Gabriel’s Inferno chapter 34

This is one of my favorite chapters and I’m sure you’ll guess why… ; ) It’s beautifully written and it perfectly conveys the love Gabriel and Julia feel the one for the other. Add tiramisu to the mix? Heaven…

So here’s a good recipe to make a perfect tiramisù :

500gr Mascarpone cheese (approx. 1 lb.)
6 pasteurized eggs
2 packages savoiardi lady fingers
3 Tablespoons sugar
2 shots Cognac or Brandy (2oz)
6 cups coffee, espresso sized cups (about 8 oz)
4 Tablespoons powdered unsweetened cocoa.

Bring all ingredients to room temperature.

Make the espresso and poor it into shallow flat-bottomed bowl. Add one shot of cognac, one teaspoon cocoa, and allow to cool to room temperature.
Separate egg yolks and whites.

In the first mixing bowl, beat egg yolks and sugar until creamy white. Add mascarpone and 1 shot of cognac and mix until blended. Leave this mixture in the bowl.

In the second mixing bowl, beat eggs whites until fluffy. Fold beaten egg whites into mascarpone mixture. Mix only enough to blend. Over mixing will deflate the egg whites.

Quickly dip a savoiardi in the espresso bowl. To get the right amount of espresso on the savoiardi, lay the finger flat in the bottom of the bowl sugared side up and immediately pull it out. Place each finger flat in the bottom of the pan sugar side down. The savoiardi will quickly absorb the espresso. If you soak the savoiardi in the espresso you will end up with soggy savoiardi instead of moist savoiardi.

Build a layer of dipped savoiardi across the bottom of the pan. If some of the savoiardi do not look 'dark' from the espresso, spoon a few more drops of espresso on the savoiardi. Any espresso left in the bottom of the pan will be absorbed by the savoiardi. Too much espresso will turn the fingers into a soggy mess.

Spoon a layer of egg/mascarpone mixture across the layer of savoiardi. Use about 1/2 of the mascarpone mix. The layer should be about 1cm. (3/8in.) thick.

Dip another layer of savoiardi and lay them on the mascarpone mix. Layer them as before, sugar side down. Drip espresso on the savoiardi that don't look dark from the coffee.

Spoon a second layer of egg/mascarpone mixture across the second layer of savoiardi. Use the remaining mascarpone mix. The layer should be about 1cm thick.

Sift cocoa on top of the second mascarpone layer. Scoop a tablespoon of cocoa into a small sieve. Hold the sieve over the tiramisu and tap the sieve on the side with your finger. The cocoa should sprinkle down in an even layer. Use this technique to cover the tiramisu with a very thin layer of cocoa.

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving.

I wish I was on the terrace in Florence eating tiramisu with The Professor …


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Game! 1-26-13 Henry Cavill vs. David Gandy for the Professor

On January 26, 2013 join us on twitter to pick your perfect professor in a show down between Henry Cavill vs. David Gandy!
On the 26th tweet your favorite picture to SR's publicist, Enn: @ennbocci and she and SR will pick the winning photo.

Thank You @GIFansFilipino for creating these pictures!

Tweet it and spread the word!

On 1/26! We'll play a game. @HenryCavill_Fb vs @DGandyOfficial as #GabrielEmerson tweet perfect pics to @ennbocci & she'll pick a winner

Pin it:

or Tumblr it:

ETA: Iris made a pinterest to hold the event!
David Gandy vs. Henry Cavill as the Professor ~GAME 1-26-13


SR's Blog Post & List of WINNERS!

Congratulations to all 43 of you and thank you to all that participated!

Thank You to SR's publicist @EnnBocci for putting this together, to SR for the inspiration of your words and to David Gandy and Henry Cavill acting as our muses.;-)
@DGandyOfficial @HenryCavill_Fb

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Tailorbird: An Interview with Morgan Locklear (MOG)

Hello, Everyone!

This is actually my first cherry-popping post here. Jenn, Sue, and Elli have been meticulously keeping it up to date for every single reader and follower we have. We appreciate every single one of you and your support. We also thank you for reading and recommending Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard to your family and friends.

My writing today has a purpose. I've been given an honor to interview Mr. Morgan Locklear on the trailer inspired by Gabriel's Rapture that he composed and directed:  Tailorbird

Credit: YouTube, Michael Blakeley, Morgan Locklear

Please read on:

Hello, MOG. First of all, please allow me to thank you for agreeing and taking the time to do this interview.  Let's start off with how long have you been involved in the music composing industry? 

I've been playing music since I was a teenager and I play piano and harmonica like Billy Joel, but never at the same time.  (I could never get past the headgear).  I've been producing albums with various bands since 1998.

How did you come to know Sylvain Reynard and his writing?

I was working on a first person zombie novel and having a little trouble getting into the narrative.  I prefer writing in the more omnipresent third person style, so my wife suggested that I read Twilight because it was written in first person.  I was intrigued, and knowing that the novel was about vampires only fueled my interest.  I was going to be writing violence as well and was keen to experience it through a character's eyes before I tried my own.

I inhaled the series in a week or two, but found that instead of inspiration for my zombie book, I had a new idea for a story that took place in Paris during the Bohemian Revolution. It was about a female vampire that falls in love with a young and very human musician.  My wife told me that if I wanted to turn it into a work of fan fiction (using the names of Twilight characters and posting to FF websites), I would receive comments and critique.

I liked the idea, but wasn't instantly sold. To entice me further, my wife read to me (out loud) the first few chapters of a story written by another man sailing the seas of estrogen in Twilight fan fiction.  It was instantly funny, smart, and sassy.  Like her, I knew it was written by a fellow...fellow.  (it was the term "Angelfucker" that convinced me).  I figured if he was brave enough to do it, I could too.  Even then, everyone called him SR.

When I posted my first chapter a week later (fan fiction moves fast) he just happened to be one of the first people to review.  I instantly took it for bro support and we began exchanging review emails as we completed our respective works.

That was awesome! So, I have to ask. Did you ‘squee’ when you saw a review from SR? 

I came as close as a man can get to squeeing.  He was particularly complementary to my descriptive narrative style and my attempts at humor.  His reviews were always light and always uplifting. 

Okay. I’m going to move this interview along. What's the inspiration for Tailorbird? And how did you come about penning the lyrics for it?

After SR published Gabriel's Inferno, I saw him tweet about suggesting songs for a playlist to help interact with the story.  I immediately loved the idea and since his story is a feast for the senses, I contacted him and asked if I could offer an original song to accompany the release of his second book, Gabriel's Rapture.  He’d already heard an album I released and he was kind enough to be excited about the idea.
He felt that a love song written from the Professor's perspective would be desirable and I was thinking along those exact same lines.  I then began thinking about how a man as strong and guarded as Emerson would express his feelings for Julianne.  It seemed to me he would want her to know that nothing he had - not any possession - mattered to him as long as he had her.  "Say the word, I'll leave everything behind" is the first line of the chorus and Tailorbird came as a brainstorm about a rhyme that would make the chorus a pair of couplets.  It fit so nicely and complimented the wonderful and resilient nature of Julianne that I never looked back.

When I had a handle on the song's structure, and a finished chorus, I contacted SR again and asked if he had any particular phrases he might be pleased to see in the song.  I usually don't get much when I ask for feedback on custom jobs, but he responded with three famous lines in the books:  "And now my blessedness appears," "Brown eyed Angel," and "I'm glad I was your first."

Hold the phone for a minute! I didn’t know SR was involved in this. What a sneaky lot! I guess he’s hung out with that Snarky Narrator a little too much. Okay, back to famous did you feel about them?

I loved the lines at once!  He practically wrote the first verse for me.  Within a few minutes I sent back:  

And now my blessedness appears 
A brown eyed Angel with a Devil's thirst  
She eases all this Dragon's fears 
I'm glad I was your first 

He liked it and we were off like bottle caps.  I didn't send him anything else until it was all done.

Wow, that was quite a process. Do you mind sharing his feedback on the trailer? 

SR was very generous and contacted me right away to thank me and tell me how much he liked the video.

So, after you finished writing the lyrics, how long did it take you to put the video together?

I enlisted the help of a friend to help record the music and another friend to help with the video, and we had the whole thing in the can in about two months.  We shot first at the local Performing Arts Center, and then at two outdoor locations a few days later. We held a third and final shoot on a soundstage a few days after that.  The special effects were dreamed up by my co-producer, Michael Blakeley, and I was very happy with the end result considering there was limited time and a nonexistent budget.

I was expecting a soft beat/rhythm number instead of steady fast because my perception of Gabriel is that he's brooding, old soul. The man wears a bow-tie, argyle socks, and owns a chain watch, to list a few. Any particular reasons for this?

If it were just up to me, it would have been even faster. Well, not about...boomier...yeah, boomier.  That thing would have bounced like an Awol Nation track!  The story features juxtaposition and I wanted to capture that feel in the song.  The clashing of tones and ideas, if done right, can be like discovering a new cooking recipe. I found the books deliciously complex so I seasoned the music to compliment it.

My music partner and engineer, Brian Egan, talked me down but we still used an old Roland drum machine for the big hits at the bottom of each measure in the chorus.  I kept trying to turn it up, but he defended his sound board like Shaquille O'Neil.

I’m just going to pretend I know what “an old Roland drum machine” and “big hits at the bottom of each measure” meant. (Parenthetically, it should be noted that I’ve made a note to Google “drum machine” and “big hits at the bottom” ...whatever they may mean).

In term of choosing actors for Julia and Gabriel, did you personally know either one of them? Did you have to go out and audition?

I have a feeling that if you google "Big hits at the bottom" that you are going to get a lot more than you bargained for.  Before I get to the actors, I'm happy to clarify that a drum machine is like a keyboard but only plays rhythms. (Roland is the best brand).  Also, in a song, you can count 1,2,3,4, 1,2,3,4...and the big sound that I like is on the 4 count.

About the talent; I actually didn't know either of them beforehand.  I found the professor through a theatre friend, his brother, and since his face is never clearly filmed, I just needed a solid frame and an easygoing guy.  Finding the girl was a bit more involved, but I started by bluntly stating on Facebook that I was looking for a real babe to play Julianne.  Once the specifics of hair color and eye color were addressed, I got my girl after two phone conversations and an face-to-face interview (complete with her grandmother in attendance).  Actually, it was her grandmother who initially contacted me.

Oh, my God! Really? Seriously?! Okay, I have to laugh at this..Hahaha...I think it was hilarious and I could imagine what was transpired...

"Hi, Mr Locklear. I saw your FB ad for a babe.  I have one for you! Of course it's not me; it's my granddaughter. Here, I'll give you her number. Wait, you're not a serial killer or a kidnapper, are you?" 

Were you surprised to have received about 3000 views of Tailorbird in YouTube?

That's a pretty modest showing in my opinion, but I'm proud of the song and very happy with the way the video turned out.  I actually hoped to make a bigger splash to direct more people over to SR's novels.

What usually inspires you to create?  Do you draw a lot of your ideas from books, other music, your everyday life?

My Muse has always been my wife, but I'm practiced enough to branch out and find other objects to write about.  However, my knowledge of heavenly love and bodily bliss come from her and can always be expected to steer my pen.

I do find myself inspired by music, in fact, Iron and Wine has influenced Tailorbird a great deal.  I almost always write while listening to music, mostly the Beatles and Pink Floyd, but sometimes I put on punk vinyls when I'm writing saucier stuff.

SR often says he thinks a lot about his readers as he writes. Were you considering GI/GR readers also when you were creating the videos?  What elements of the books did you want to emphasize?

I thought of the readers (and author) almost exclusively as I wrote.  I even included a long ago reference to a nickname the professor had among the very first of SR's fans.  The line goes:  

And I've used sinful words so well
How I wish I could take some back
When Heaven's hiding inside Hell
My heart's on the attack

Also, there is a whispered line from the Divine Comedy that can just be heard during the "solo" portion of the song.  I wanted to have layers of mystery and coded messages throughout the piece.  There are many more.

What are some of your favorite books and music?  

I think that Jeffrey Ford is one of the best writers who ever lived.  He has almost a dozen books and I've got them all.  (Still reading).  I also read a post-apoplectic adventure series from Gold Eagle Books called Deathlands.  It's my guilty pleasure.

;-) I almost wanted to ask “Oh, your guilty pleasure is not your wife?” Bad manners. My apologies. I think everyone has a guilty pleasure. It’s almost a must-have in order to get through the day. 

What are you listening to now?

My current favorite albums are: Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto, Animal Collective's Centipede Hz, Smashing Pumpkin's Oceania, and lately, the Ting Ting's.

Well, I’m sure I could have asked more questions, but I can’t hog the post all to myself. :-) Would there be anything else you’d like to share with Argyle Empire followers, SR’s readers, and perhaps your own fans? 

Just that there's enough room for everyone to succeed and if we all stick together and support one another, we can all take joy by the bucketful.

That’s all, folks! Again, I’d like to thank MOG for the interview, and all of you for reading. It’s been a great pleasure! 

Behind the Scene Pictures!

Hard at work
From Left to Right: "Gabriel", Michael Blakeley (co-producer), "Julianne" and MOG (in blue shirt).

"The second picture is of the Gabriel's Rapture ticket given to Julianne in the video. It was hand drawn by an artist friend of ours and has found a happy home in my copy of GR." (MOG's wife aka Jenn who is not the actress playing Julianne)

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New interview with SR for Fire and Ice

Fire & Ice: A Magazine on the Cutting Edge of Pop Culture

ICYMI: The online magazine Fire and Ice posted a new interview with SR this week. It's a fun read, so take a look!

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Vote For SR in The Shorty Awards!

We're very happy to announce that SR has been nominated in the Author category of the 5th Annual Shorty Awards! As of this morning, SR is already among the Top 20 authors nominated, and there's plenty of time and room to move him up the list.

You can cast your vote for SR here:

The Shorty Awards honor the best in social media; recognizing the people and organizations producing real-time short content across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare and the rest of the social web.

Every year, millions of people visit the Shorty Awards site to support their favorite social media content creators by tweeting nominations. All those tweets culminate in a highly anticipated awards ceremony that celebrates the winners as chosen by categories. The Shorty Awards also honors the industry's best agencies, brands, and social media professionals.

The Shorty Awards ceremony will be on April 8, 2013 at the TimesCenter in New York City.

So vote and spread the word to your fellow Argyle Lovers!

~ Jenn

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Cooking For The Professor...

Elena has delivered another wonderful food post to us and I can't think of a better way to start a Monday.


"He cleared the dishes, topped up her champagne flute, and served their entrées, spaghetti con limone with capers and tiger shrimp. It was a rare treat and one of Julia's favourite’s, so it surprised her that he made it. Maybe Rachel had..."
-Gabriel's Inferno, chapter 16

The Professor treats Julia to a delicious dinner at his apartment after that disastrous seminar... Spaghetti al limone is indeed a great dish and during the twitter chat set up by THESUBCLUBbooks, The Professor told me it's also his favorite Italian dish. Gabriel is very good in the kitchen, but what if we wanted to invite him to dinner and surprise him? ;)

There are a lot of recipes to cook spaghetti al limone with capers and shrimps, but I'll suggest you an easy one that I tried and I can assure you that the result is truly delicious :)

Here it is:


(This recipe is meant for 4 servings)
Ingredients :

0,80 lb (370 gr) spaghetti
1 lemon
0,80 shrimps
0,10 lb of butter
4 spoons of fresh cream
a few capers
2 spoons of chopped parsley

To cook your spaghetti al limone :

-Juice the lemon then grate the lemon peel being careful not to grate the white part.

-Boil for about 1 minute the shrimps in salted water and when they're ready, drain them.

-In a pan melt the butter and add 2 spoons of cream. Mix and turn off the stove. When the sauce is lukewarm, add the grated lemon peel and mix again. Then add the shrimps and the capers and mix. Add a large spoon of lemon juice. Mix and salt to taste.

-Meanwhile bring a large pot of water to a boil. Cook the spaghetti al dente and drain.

-Switch on the stove where you've prepared the sauce, add the spaghetti to the sauce and sauté them for about 1 minute, adding the chopped parsley and the other 2 spoons of cream and then voilà! They're ready to be served :)

Now we’re ready to invite The Professor to dinner...*cough*KitchenTable*cough* *fans self* 
Baci, Elena

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Goodreads Book Discussion!

Good news!

The Gabriel's Inferno Book Club group on Goodreads is re-reading GI this month.

If you're looking for a place to discuss the novel and interact with other readers, you should wander over and say hello.

Happy Reading!

Happy Release Day!

Today marks the release of the Spanish translations of the Gabriel series. In celebration, Ana of the GIFansSpain site has submitted a post about what this day means to her.

If you enjoy her post and want to keep up with news of the Spanish translations, be sure and follow @GIFansSpain on twitter.

Take Care,
~ Jenn

Capítulo 1

- ¿Señorita Mitchell?

La voz del profesor Gabriel Emerson atravesó el aula en dirección a la atractiva joven de cabello castaño sentada en las últimas filas. Perdida en sus pensamientos, o en la traducción, tenía la cabeza gacha, mientras tomaba notas frecuentemente en su cuaderno.

El Infierno de Gabriel de Sylvain Reynard. Editorial Esencia. Capítulo 1. Página 9.

Over a year ago, I thought I would never read that passage in Spanish.

Today I have in my hands, before my eyes, and in my own language the book that captured my heart and which gave, in some way, a different meaning to my life.

Today I will enjoy nuances that perhaps I lost previously because my English is poor, but best of all is that I can share now the stunning beauty of this complex story, the vital and emotional journey that I lived with the characters, with many people, known and unknown, who had no access to it by the language barrier. Spread the word, or what is the saying, Sharing is Love, that was my goal in the last months.

On the way, from the moment I learned about this novel until today, I met a group of people with whom I share every day passions, addictions, joy and humor. People like me, who love this wonderful story, from many countries and different nationalities, with different languages, united by a great author and his story about an amazing, unique and distinctive character: my Gabrielites and my dear GISisters.

I shared with them love for a story, admiration and devotion to its author, the excitement of seeing a book you love gain success and recognition (as it couldn’t be otherwise), the expectation of its progressive publication in other countries, the creation of a fraternal bond beyond space and time from the hand of a tenacious woman, intelligent and very human, Enn. How many times I asked her and Sylvain Reynard about the publication of the saga of Gabriel in Spanish! Such patience they had!

I'll never forget the day when Enn Bocci confirmed that Gabriel's Inferno was to be published in Spanish, I cried with joy. I immediately spread the news among all my Spanish speaking friends with whom I had shared my love for the story and that they too hoped for that time with the same intensity as me. I also shared the immense joy with my new sisters, who lived with me that emotion, feeling it as their own because I understood me perfectly.

Today that dream has been fulfilled, one more in my life. But this time, the most important thing is that I'm here celebrating and sharing it with so many people; that dream is the dream of many more.

The dream of those of us that love deeply Gabriel's Inferno, which we think is not only a romance, but an educated romance.

The dream of those of us that love his chapters, full of books, music, art, culture and refined eroticism.

The dream of those of us that love the tormented, brilliant scholar and seductively inviting Professor Gabriel Owen Emerson, whom we accompanied on his journey from his own personal hell to the gates of paradise.

The dream of those of us that have wished the absolution and forgiveness of his sins.

The dream of those of us that have been seduced by his words.

The dream of those of us that have cried with his pain.

The dream of those of us that have celebrated his meeting and union with his ideal woman, his Beatrice.

The dream of those of us that fervently dream and wish to be Julia.

I can only have words of gratitude, affection and admiration for the person who has made possible this moment, Sylvain Reynard, for the privilege of his writing, for his intelligent humor, for his way of flirting in 140 characters, for creating a beautiful story full of securities, intense feelings and sensuality, for stealing my heart with his words and giving it to Gabriel, an imperfectly perfect being now part of my life.

And thanks also to my friends, sisters and accomplices in this madness, Enn Bocci, and the girls on Argyle Empire and GIFansFamily.

And finally thanks, for sharing with me this moment, to all the people who have trusted GiFansSpain as support platforms to Sylvain Reynard and his wonderful novels.

Ana SweetDirtyDraco

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baci Perugina

Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Elena. She is one of the moderators on the GIFansItaly twitter site and has graciously offered to provide Argyle Empire with a series of posts about the Italian foods and recipes mentioned in the Gabriel Series.

If you'd like to further immerse yourself in all things Italian and Gabriel, be sure and follow @GIFansItaly.


~ Jenn

* * * * * *

“A surprise?”

“Yes.” He smiled and waited.

She wrinkled her nose. “Will you tell me what the surprise is?”

“If I tell you, it won’t be a surprise.”

She rolled her eyes, and he laughed at her.

“Baci,” he said.

Julia paused. Kisses?

Gabriel saw her reaction and realized the double entendre had not been understood. He pulled something from one of the grocery bags and placed it in the centre of his right palm, holding it out to her as one might hold out an apple to tempt a horse.’

-Gabriel’s Inferno, Chapter 17

**Drools** Who wouldn’t want to receive a Bacio Perugina from our Professor? I sure would. ;)

Since our dear Gabriel and his Julianne seem to enjoy Baci Perugina, I thought to share some curiosities related to these beloved Italian sweet treats.

Baci Perugina were made for the first time in 1922 by the firm Perugina, which is set in Perugia, a city near Assisi. Maybe Gabriel and Julia will decide to visit it in #Gabriel3 ??

Here in Italy we often give and receive Baci Perugina on Valentine’s Day. It has now become the typical sweet treat that lovers exchange on this day.

Inside each Bacio Perugina we can find a love note with a famous love poem or love quote. Yes, sometimes you just want to keep eating Baci Perugina in order to see which love note you’ll find next ;) I wonder which ones Julia found? ( although, knowing Gabriel, he probably enclosed his own love notes to her in each Bacio ;) )


The first Bacio Perugina love notes were invented in the 30s by Federico Seneca, who was the artistic director of the firm. But where did he find this inspiration? Well, they say he took his cue from the love notes that were exchanged between Luisa Spagnoli, the wife of one of the founders of the Perugina firm, and Giovanni Buitoni, the son of one of the founders. It seems they used to wrap sweets in small pieces of paper, which contained a love note, in order to declare their love to each other without being caught…Clever, huh? ;)

The typical box of The Baci Perugina shows two lovers embracing and kissing, sometimes under the stars.

Not everyone knows, though, that this image was inspired by the painting “The Kiss” by Francesco Hayez.

Beautiful painting, isn’t it? And had you noticed the similarities between the lovers in the painting and the ones of the Baci Perugina box? If not, now you know ;)

‘There were pastries and fruit, toast and Nutella, boiled eggs and cheese, and several Baci Perugina Gabriel had bribed a hotel employee to run out and purchase along with the extravagant bouquet of irises from the Giardino dell’Iris.

Julia unwrapped one of the Baci and ate it, eyes closed with pure pleasure. ‘You ordered a feast.’

-Gabriel’s Rapture, Chapter 1

Let’s all have some Baci Perugina now, while dreaming of The Professor 

Baci “Kisses” to all 


Saturday, January 5, 2013

International Editions & Future Projects

On August 31,2012 SR announced that his books would also be translated into Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The UK also have their own editions of the books with different covers.
Viva Italia! Blog post

UK & Australia
received their kindle copies in September 2012.

Just yesterday SR penned a post on the
Portuguese Translation
Due out in July of 2013.
In that post he also mentions the Spanish editions coming out next week:
For those waiting for the Spanish translation of my novels, "El Infierno de Gabriel" is already available for pre-order as an e-book and as a paperback. The book will also be for sale in both formats on on January 10.

See here on his blog as more covers become available.

He also confirmed on August 31, 2012 that there would be audio editions of the books in English. We Met the Voice of John Morgan on October 26,2012.
The audio for both books are available through in the US and only Rapture is available in the UK so far at The e-books in Spanish and English and the English audio books are also available on iTunes.

Upon the initial release of Gabriel's Rapture, fans started to beg for a Gabriel Book 3. Through the summer of 2012 SR started to tease that he was "writing" and "listening" to our pleas. On October 1, 2012 SR Gave us an official answer.

Gabriel Book 3 Announced
Gabriel book 3 teasers
Video Teaser and Trailers

There would not only be a Gabriel Book 3 but he also received a contract to write 2 additional books beyond that with Berkley/Penguin and we also still have his charity project that he is doing with Heather Huffman.

In a blog post on June 5, 2012 SR said this on his project with Heather Huffman:
Thank you for your continued support of me and my writing. I'm pleased to say that Heather Huffman and I are in talks about co-authoring a romantic comedy whose royalties would be donated to charity. More details will be forthcoming.

The Argyle Empire will continue to follow SR's writing and we look forward to seeing what his future holds. Come along with us!


ETA: Tweet Updates for Turkish GI Fans 1-7-13:

"‏@Argyle_Empire: #GabrielsInferno Turkish FB “@GIFansTurkey: @OptimumKitap @sylvainreynard”

@sylvainreynard: If you read Turkish, you can now follow @GIFansTurkey (teşekkür ederim GIFT for running this account!) SR”

@GIFansTurkey : @Iris_Elli @Argyle_Empire @OptimumKitap @sylvainreynard that's the cover for #Gabriel'sRapture for Turkish Edition ;)

Gabriel' in Cehennemi:
Order Turkish GI here

Gabriel Arafta:
Order Turkish GR here

From SR's Blog w/known updates:

International Rights Sold. Release dates will be added when available

BRAZIL-EDITORIA SEXTANTE --Portuguese: January 18, 2013
CROATIA-V.B.Z.D.O.O --Coming Soon
POLISH-MUZA--Coming Soon: February 8, 2013 GI is available! GR due out March 27, 2013
RUSSIA- AZBOOKA-ATTICUS --Released 2/19/2013
SPAIN-EDITORIAL PLANETA S.A. --GI Released/ GR released March 5, 2013


‏@sylvainreynard: The Portuguese translation of #GabrielsInferno, "O Inferno de Gabriel" is released February 15. Available for pre-order now. See other blog post dated 1-25-13.

2/9/13: MORE NEW COVERS and release information:

Link to order

POLISH-MUZA--Coming Soon: February 8, 2013 GI is available! GR due out March 27, 2013
See SR's Blog post on the Polish release

Banner of the International Covers of Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard thus far. Banner by Ana Sweetdirtydraco of Gabriel's Inferno Series Fans Spain.

Inferno goes Russian! Много поздравлений, SR, в переводе на русский язык Инферно Габриэля.

buy Russian Version here

@sylvainreynard: The Russian translation of #GabrielsInferno is now out, published by Azbooka. And the Italian translation is forthcoming in early April, SR

SR's 9 Weeks on the NYT Best Seller List

August 5, 2012 marked a very exciting day for Sylvain Reynard and his fans when he first appeared on the New York Times Best Selling Author's list. He enjoyed a total of 9 weeks on the list but will forever be known as a New York Times Best Selling Author.

August 5 2012 NYT Best Seller List

On July 31, 2012 SR announced the news that his original Omnifics E-book edition of Gabriel's Inferno would be appearing on the August 5 list as well as announcing that Berkley Publishing, a division of Penguin would be publishing both of his novels.
In this post he had this to say:

There is no author without readers. So once again, please accept my gratitude and my recognition that these events are occasioned by you and your support.

All the best,


SR does appreciate his fans for their support. :-)

See post here:
SR's July 31, 2012 Blog Post

The Omnifics E-Book of Gabriel's Inferno made the list for 3 weeks.
8-05-12 #35
8-12-12 #35
8-19-12 #31

With the announcement of the new release to the much larger publisher the Omnifics editions became unavailable and SR fell off the list.

Fans waited with much anticipation for The Berkley/Penguin release set for September 4, 2012. It has become known as #SRDay as we all waited for the books to begin appearing on the shelf, 1st in The USA and Canada. Fans did much to prepare for the big day with special post on various blogs and tribute buttons and AVI's on twitter and Facebook such as this one that I wore with pride.

SR released this post on #SRDay

I recall how I felt when I was able to walk into my local Barnes and Noble and purchase my own copies of the new editions. Here is the picture I took before grabbing my copies trying not to audibly Squee!!!! as I skipped to the check out counter with the biggest smile on on my face. ;-)

With the big release we waited and hoped that these new editions of the books would make the list again. On September 23, 2012 we got our wish! SR's new editions of Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture jumped around the list for six weeks.

September 23, 2012 NYT Best Seller List

Pinterest Post Sylvain Renyard

Sept. 23, 2012- 1st week GI #14 on Paperback Trade Fiction, #15 on E-book Fiction and GR #27. Combined E-book/paperback trade Fiction GI #12.

Sept. 30, 2012- 2nd week Combined Print & E-Book Fiction: Gabriel's Inferno #30 Paperback Trade Fiction: Gabriel's Inferno #12 Gabriel's Rapture #17 E-Book Fiction Gabriel's Inferno #29 Gabriel's Rapture #35 Combined Hardcover & Paperback Fiction: Gabriel's Inferno #34

Oct. 7, 2012- 3rd week GI # 12 & GR #17 on Paperback Trade Fiction, #29 on E-book Fiction and GR #35. Combined E-book/paperback trade Fiction GI #30.

Oct. 14, 2012- 4th week GI #10 & GR #34 on Paperback Trade Fiction, GI #34 on E-book Fiction. Combined E-book/paperback trade Fiction GI 29#.

Oct. 21, 2012- 5th week GI #13 & GR #21 on Paperback Trade Fiction.

Oct. 28, 2012- 6th week GI #15 on Paperback Trade Fiction.

Pinterest Post Argyle Empire

SR was a finalist in The GoodReads Choice Awards for Gabriel's Inferno in 2011 and Gabriel's Rapture in 2012.

SR has gone on to appear on several other list including the USA Today Best Sellers List for several weeks.

Starting June 7, 2012 Gabriel's Inferno made the list and spent 18 weeks in the top 100. His best week on the list it hit #24.

Gabriel's Inferno USA Today

Gabriel's Rapture enjoyed 8 weeks on the list and on it's best week it hit #68.

Gabriel's Rapture USA Today

Argyle Empire Pin

We are so proud of SR for his success and thankful that he has shared his words with us. Now we wait for Gabriel Book 3! Check out the teasers he has done so far if you have not already.
Gabriel Book 3 teasers available here

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Most Loved Fictional Couples

I doubt anyone here will be surprised to know that Gabriel and Julia appeared on this list. What got me giggling was discovering some of the couples who did.

Be sure and see who The Professor and his Beloved are keeping company with (and please feel free to discuss how those interactions would have gone down).

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Congratulations SR! 100 Bestselling books of 2012~

SR has made the top 100 list for 2012 on <~ click for link @TorontoStar Both books made the top 20 Reprint Fiction List!

Gabriel's Inferno #14

Gabriel's Rapture #17


Haven't we all been there?

Saw this on Facebook and thought you would all appreciate it.


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