Sunday, January 31, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Argyle Empire!

Thank you to the sisters of the SR's Florentine Series Podcast for having Cran and Mango speak and Iris chat yesterday.

And Thanks SR for your message to us!!!
“Thank you all for being there from the beginning. I really treasure your friendship and support.- SR” Sylvain Reynard

This month marks our 3rd year with Argyle Empire on FB and the blog and with this new name on twitter. We started as TheGISeriesFans on Twitter when Gabriel's Inferno was first published with Omnifics but we wanted to continue to Follow SR to new book series as well and Argyle Empire was born. With his publicists help it then expanded to all of the SR Fan Accounts and other fan accounts around to world and now the Podcasts. Our Family continues to grow! Love our sisters (and brothers)!!!

2 Days to The Shadow!!!

Listen to the Podcast here

Thanks for the other pictures and messages shared! this one is from Ana~


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