Monday, February 3, 2014

Join us 2-5-2014 for an Exclusive Interview with SR!

Don't miss this Wednesday for our interview with Sylvain Reynard!
The sisters from The Argyle Empire along with our sisters from the SR Fan Sites around the world came up with the questions for SR as The Gabriel Series trilogy concludes and The Raven Wood Series trilogy awaits us.


Unknown said...

I just love the endearing picture of the sleeping fox and the bunny. I can't help but think of SR as the fox, and Julianne as the bunny. Gabriel is not going to be too happy about this. ;) And, is that an apple from the orchard? ;)

~Elli~Iris~ said...

Hi other Ellie :-) Yes, my thought behind the picture is this: SR the woodland fox (Sylvain Reynard = “Sylvain” is Latin for woodland, “Renard”is French for fox.) is at rest in the orchard and his character, Julia (Little Rabbit) is snuggling up next to her beloved author for a hug at the (apparent) end of their journey with The Gabriel Series. There may also be a Raven hovering above them Cawing and Calling as his journey begins. ~Iris~Elli

Jdt said...

Hello there! ��
Wow Iris-Elli! You just put the cherry on the top. Closure to The Gabriel Series could be hard. As if you need to clip the cord between you and your precious child. Sure the fox take care / loves everything the little rabbit symbolize. It is the depth of a caring, responsible parent, human that emphases all the good human stands for.
I think though that SR giving us a glint of Gabriel in The Raven is just an expression of gratefulness of a spectacular heart and mind. It is like Gabriel's struggling and pursuit to redemption is a necessary act for creating the possibility for new chances to unconditional love and care.
My thoughts ... Cant wait for SR's deep and beautiful writing. ~ Judith

Sheila said...

Hi girls, can't wait to see the interview. Such fun - and I'm intrigued as to any insight as to The Raven

Sheila x

linda d said...

What time??? Looking forward to it.

Unknown said...

Bravo girls! Cheers to an amazing interview. Makes me smile that SR is also a musician. Every interview makes me like SR even more. Very down to earth guy that has an amazing passion for writing. Hugs to you girls and to SR. :o) <3

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