Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cupcakes For A Cause...


Hello Everyone,

I am typing this post on Friday evening after the conclusion of an incredible day of developments in the Boston Marathon Bombing case.  Given the sensational events of the past twenty-four hours Elli, Coco, Sere and I wondered if many would be too caught up in the unfolding news to pay much attention to our fundraiser. This is one of those cases where I love to be proved wrong. 

For the fourth day in a row, we set a fundraising goal and for the fourth day in a row the goal was not only met it was exceeded.  At this moment, our current total stands at $1,255.00!

One of the donations we received today was from Susi, who runs a small baking/catering company in Miami. While filling an order for an event, she saw an opportunity. She made extra cupcakes and sold them to colleagues and neighbors and then used those funds to make a donation to the American Red Cross.  She happened to mention this plan to me last evening on twitter and I asked her to share some pictures:

Looking at these attractive red velvet cupcakes, it's not surprising to hear that she sold them all!

Many thanks to Susi for taking the time and making the extra effort for a delicious bit of creative fundraising.

Remember, if you donate a minimum of $5.00 to either the American Red Cross, your local chapter of the Red Cross or to The One Fund Boston, simply email a copy of your receipt to me at Then enter the giveaway posted at the top of our homepage.

SR has graciously agreed to sign UK edition copies of both "Gabriel's Inferno" and "Gabriel's Rapture" for the winner.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or post them in the comments section below.

On behalf of everyone here at Argyle Empire, I want to thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support this week.  Even though the manhunt in Boston has ended, there are families that will be healing for a long time to come. And the same is true of the tragedy in Texas.  Disaster can strike at any time, and donations to charities like the Red Cross keep these organizations prepared to respond at a moment's notice to those in need.

I'll be back tomorrow with another positive piece of news I'm anxious to share.  I'll be talking more about the encounters I've had with donors over the past few days.  There is an amazing story to be told about the entire group.

Until then, take care,
Jenn, Coco, Sere & Elli


MeilleurCafe said...

Susi, thanks so much for baking these amazing cupcakes and selling them for the fundraiser! This is wonderful. :) We appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Thanks to everyone who's donated so far. Your generosity has far exceeded our expectations, and the victims of this week's disasters will be very grateful.

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