Monday, April 22, 2013

IT'S HERE! The cover for "Gabriel's Redemption"!

And it's beautiful!

Now I think I know what SR meant when he hinted that the cover is "primordial..."

What do you think?

What's your interpretation of the cover?

And are you even more excited to read what's underneath that cover?

December 3 can't come fast enough!

(Link to the announcement on SR's blog:  )


Blogmaitresse said...

It's utterly beautiful with several subtexts which reflect the synopsis. A 'going back to the beginning' before being able to resolve final conflicts. A fitting tribute to SR's work.

Sheila xxx

Unknown said...

I love it. It's dark, but shows passion and the connections to what we already know. However, it leaves you wanting more....

Elizabeth said...

Any idea if its the same models for all 3 books? And, when publishing a book, does the author have final say over the book cover and any idea if SR was difficult to please when it came to the final outcome of the Redemption cover??????

Unknown said...

I visualize the Garden of Eden/apple orchard with Julianne. Gabriel is reflecting back on his life and searching for unanswered question about his biological parents. I always thought it would be interesting to find out that he and Christian Grey had the same father. A very handsome man who had a reputation with the ladies. That could start an entire new series.

MeilleurCafe said...

Elizabeth, I don't believe the models are the same, but I could be wrong about that. That's a good question about how much input an author has when it comes to the artwork. I do remember SR tweeting that he was very happy with the cover design for the book.

Elizabeth said...

I read a tweet today where SR commented that there were changes he requesred for the cover. I was curious as to how involved and hands on he was during the entire creative process. He seems like a genuiningly hands-on type of person rather than delagating to someone else. I don't know but find him fascinating but his mysterous identity maddening.

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