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Charity Tuesday: World Vision

Hello Everyone,

As we all know, spotlighting charities and worthwhile causes is important to SR.

As a group, Elli, Coco, Sere and I are also dedicated to promoting these endeavors. Therefore, we are happy to share a weekly series of posts in order to take a more in-depth look at the various charitable organizations highlighted by SR. You can find a complete list of these charities on our blog by clicking on the "About the Charities" header.

We hope you will find the information in these posts informative and educational.  If you have a particular cause that is close to your heart or you have personal experiences with any of the charities we spotlight, please feel free to contact us about it.


World Vision

Website: www.worldvision.org 

Twitter: @WorldVisionUSA

Mission Statement:

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

My husband and I became personally involved with World Vision in the summer of 2011 when we made the decision to sponsor a child. At the time we set up our account, we weren't sure how to go about selecting one child over another. The prospect was daunting, so we simply decided to sponsor the first child presented to us by the website.

This is how we were introduced to Nsondo.

Nsondo is currently 10 years old and lives with his parents, 1 sister, and 1 brother. His parents struggle to provide for the family.

Nsondo is growing up in a poor area in Zambia. The HIV and AIDS crisis has severely damaged the social fabric of the entire community, leaving many children without parents. Many families live in small homes made of bricks and mud with thatched roofs. A typical diet consists of maize, vegetables, fruit, and fish when available. The climate is tropical though the area is prone to dry-spells and drought.

Nsondo is in primary school and he enjoys studying the national language. He helps at home by caring for the animals. He likes to play soccer. He is in satisfactory health.

My husband and I have been pleased to receive communications from Nsondo over the past two years. We've smiled as we looked at his drawings, read about his progress in school, and received the occasional photo of him.  What has pleased us most of all, however, is knowing that our sponsorship commitment radiates out into Nsondo's community. Our monthly donation has not only contributed to Nsondo's basic care needs, it has also provided his community with improved healthcare and support, emphasizing assistance to those affected by HIV and AIDS. Our support ensures that children will attend school and farmers are offered seeds and training on new farming methods, improving their health and incomes.

We felt so blessed by our involvement with World Vision that this past Christmas we decided to experiment. We took the money we normally spend on small (and most likely forgettable) gifts for numerous people and instead donated to several projects in their names. Specifically, we gave a custom-fit wheelchair to someone in need along with an additional gift for resources for people with disabilities; we provided art and music instruction and supplies for impoverished children; we donated one small business loan for an impoverished woman, which will be paid forward to fund future loans for other women; we gifted a beehive and beekeeping supplies to a family who can now generate sustainable, year-round income with their bees and honey; we gifted Bibles printed in the recipient's native language to nourish souls; and we provided vaccinations to protect infants and children from killer diseases. Our relatives were thrilled with their gifts, and some of them were even moved to tears over the gesture. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised in January when one family member joined World Vision and donated livestock in our name to a family in need.

In the months since we've joined World Vision, our eyes have been opened. We have come to realize just how significant our modest gift is. Although we live comfortably, we are by no means wealthy. The amount we set aside each day isn't even enough to cover my daily coffee habit, and yet it's ability to deliver tremendous good to this little boy and the place he calls home cannot be denied. While we are more than happy to make this contribution to Nsondo, we are also sobered by the fact that there are still 390 children within Nsondo's community waiting to receive this same support.

I'm sharing my experiences with World Vision with you today because our good friend, Kat Bastion, is currently hosting a charity awareness campaign on her website. World Vision is just one of many charities she is supporting during this campaign, but I'd prefer to let Kat's elegant and passionate words speak for themselves. Please venture over to her blog for more information.

Rest assured, this is another wonderful opportunity for us to support our favorite charities and do something worthwhile with our time, talents and dollars. Kat's fundraising campaign will be open until June 15th.  Please donate if you can and please help spread the word for a good cause.

Take Care,


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this Jenn. All of these charities are so important.

Here in the UK were are celebrating "Volunteers Week" http://www.volunteering.org.uk/policy-and-campaigns/volunteers-week It goes to show what awareness, money and helping these charities can do.

If we could spotlight every charity I'm sure we would, but just by you doing what you are doing is helping so may.

Good on ya :)

Jenn said...

Thanks for mentioning Volunteers Week, Mandie.

In the US, we have a National Volunteers Week during April, and it's always a big deal at my place of employment. We couldn't do our work without a dedicated crew of volunteers to support the staff and our facility. Their creativity and energy is limitless.

Blogmaitresse said...

Hi Jenn, what a lovely thing to do. The choir I'm in help to raise money to fund The Kinambra Project in Rwanda - it helps to bring education to adults and children to one of the most impoverished areas of Africa. Last year we raised enough to pay to have a new roof, repairs and a bed installed in a volunteer's hut. All she'd wanted was a bed. Immacula was absolutely thrilled at what £150 could do for her.

We keep track of what's happening at Kinambra and hope to raise more money this year.

Well done to you and MOG. I'm sure that you give your sponsored child a great deal.

Sheila xx

TerrytheNurse said...

Your contribution to "takun olam" is really wonderful, Jenn. Thank you (and MOG) for an inspiring post. Each of us have to do our part. I am particularly impressed with what you did at Christmas. It's so true that the money we waste on forgettable gifts can do so much more good when used for charitable causes. It takes so little to ease the burdens of others, and you and MOG are certainly doing that. <3

Hugs to you both,

Unknown said...

Thank you, Jenn, for your very important comments.It's so vital to give back, and help the less fortunate. Here in The Villages, Fl. we have a wonderful community of volunteers. Whether the need is helping to mentor children by our large group of retired educators, or helping the elderly who have no one to care for them,there is always someone to lend a hand. We support our troops with Operation Shoebox by sending books, toiletries and other miscellaneous items to let them know they are not forgotten.And for those who are unable to go to Church, we bring communion to them. There are so many ways we can help.I believe, in my humble opinion, it took a compassionate person, our favorite author, Sylvain Reynard, to bring out the best in all of his readers. He is an inspiration.Because of him,(at least for me), I've come to know of the humanitarian effors of Kat Bastion and her husband as well as Heather Huffman who works tirelessly against human trafficking.

Jenn said...

Thank you, Everyone for your kind words.

Participating in and promoting charities has been a very important part of my life since my teenage years.

Thanks also for providing other examples of how our efforts can make a real difference to those in need. Your various projects are all wonderful to read about.

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