Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chapter 2 of Gabriel's Redemption: Your Thoughts?

Great news! SR has posted Chapter 2 of Gabriel's Redemption on his website.

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Now on to the new chapter...

When last we left The Professor, he was in the orchard and naked with his Beloved.

And we were speculating over the potential implications in the narrative between Gabriel and Julia.

Let's continue the discussion here...



~Elli~Iris~ said...


Babies!!!!! To Baby or not to Baby and WHEN???? Poor Julia is distressed and torn. Wanting to fulfill Gabriel's desires if even possible but wanting to get through her doctorate and already adjusting to being a wife. But how sweet and delighted I am to see Gabriel so giddy with the prospect of having a family with Julia. He is older than she is so his clock is ticking a bit faster than hers. He is still so attentive to her and wanting to help her with household tasks giving her time for rest and her studies. (ya I picture him with a feather duster and apron...only an apron...that fine ass of his on display.) Right...what was I saying?...

Tisk tisk.... But Gabriel, what did you do in regards to Simon and Natalie? Did he pay them off? Threaten them? I worry about her response to what ever he will reveal. It is progress though that he plans not to keep it a secret...any longer at least.

I'm ready for the fireworks with her lecture. I anticipate their views and opposition in their studies and ideas will make some sparks. I hope there will at least be some good make up sex. ;-)

Gabriel's dismissal of Christa worries me. She has already proven herself to be devious and back stabbing. What could she be planning? And if she is still having trouble with her own academic pursuits... woman scorned and all. she could be dangerous.

Dearest Paul. I hope they can remain friends, he and Julia, but Gabriel still gets jealous.

So many fun points just in the first 2 chapters! I can't wait for Dec. 3!!!

TerrytheNurse said...

Holy Moly! I just said on SR's website that the ride will be so bumpy, we'll need Dramamine to go with it. Problems in Paradisio!! Big ones. Christa is dripping blood from her fangs (what an insult to be forced to take another MA!)...the anticipated baby guilt, research differences, Gabriel's fragile ego, nightmares, coke addictions, OY!!


Sue M Van said...

I am so looking forward to this book! I think the biggest point for me is the tension between Gabriel and Julia. All other issues aside, their biggest problem lies in their inability to talk things out to it's fullest detail. It goes without saying that they are obviously soul mates and meant to be together but not without ripples in their lives.

I have no doubt that they will once again butt heads with their personality differences but always will work things out!

Unknown said...

Talk about stress!This chapter is full of tension. My heart aches for Julia and her conflicting thoughts of them having a child before she finishes her studies.I cannot imagine what it would be like for a 23 year-old woman to be faced with these multiple issues. As bright, and intelligent as she is, it's like the perfect storm of conflicts culminating into chaos.I'm so impressed with Gabriel's willingness to help her in any way he can,(cleaning house, grocery shopping,etc,). The love and compassion he has for her is overwhelming. She certainly has changed him since first we were introduced to the crusty Professor.Because of this fact, I don't see him going off the deep end, and getting involved with drugs again.It would end their relationship if he did, and he knows it. There will be conflict between two intelligent people and their opinions regarding her lecture and thesis.Intellects argue their opinions all the time.Julianne still fears people will accuse her of not achieving her work on her own, but relying on Gabriel's help.She will be stubborn. I'm curious about the Paul, Christa, and Simon issues. I can't offer a clue on this one. SR has mapped out a maze for us to get through, and I can't wait for December to come.
To mimic Terry, Oy vey!! ;)

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