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International Editions & Future Projects

On August 31,2012 SR announced that his books would also be translated into Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The UK also have their own editions of the books with different covers.
Viva Italia! Blog post

UK & Australia
received their kindle copies in September 2012.

Just yesterday SR penned a post on the
Portuguese Translation
Due out in July of 2013.
In that post he also mentions the Spanish editions coming out next week:
For those waiting for the Spanish translation of my novels, "El Infierno de Gabriel" is already available for pre-order as an e-book and as a paperback. The book will also be for sale in both formats on on January 10.

See here on his blog as more covers become available.

He also confirmed on August 31, 2012 that there would be audio editions of the books in English. We Met the Voice of John Morgan on October 26,2012.
The audio for both books are available through in the US and only Rapture is available in the UK so far at The e-books in Spanish and English and the English audio books are also available on iTunes.

Upon the initial release of Gabriel's Rapture, fans started to beg for a Gabriel Book 3. Through the summer of 2012 SR started to tease that he was "writing" and "listening" to our pleas. On October 1, 2012 SR Gave us an official answer.

Gabriel Book 3 Announced
Gabriel book 3 teasers
Video Teaser and Trailers

There would not only be a Gabriel Book 3 but he also received a contract to write 2 additional books beyond that with Berkley/Penguin and we also still have his charity project that he is doing with Heather Huffman.

In a blog post on June 5, 2012 SR said this on his project with Heather Huffman:
Thank you for your continued support of me and my writing. I'm pleased to say that Heather Huffman and I are in talks about co-authoring a romantic comedy whose royalties would be donated to charity. More details will be forthcoming.

The Argyle Empire will continue to follow SR's writing and we look forward to seeing what his future holds. Come along with us!


ETA: Tweet Updates for Turkish GI Fans 1-7-13:

"‏@Argyle_Empire: #GabrielsInferno Turkish FB “@GIFansTurkey: @OptimumKitap @sylvainreynard”

@sylvainreynard: If you read Turkish, you can now follow @GIFansTurkey (teşekkür ederim GIFT for running this account!) SR”

@GIFansTurkey : @Iris_Elli @Argyle_Empire @OptimumKitap @sylvainreynard that's the cover for #Gabriel'sRapture for Turkish Edition ;)

Gabriel' in Cehennemi:
Order Turkish GI here

Gabriel Arafta:
Order Turkish GR here

From SR's Blog w/known updates:

International Rights Sold. Release dates will be added when available

BRAZIL-EDITORIA SEXTANTE --Portuguese: January 18, 2013
CROATIA-V.B.Z.D.O.O --Coming Soon
POLISH-MUZA--Coming Soon: February 8, 2013 GI is available! GR due out March 27, 2013
RUSSIA- AZBOOKA-ATTICUS --Released 2/19/2013
SPAIN-EDITORIAL PLANETA S.A. --GI Released/ GR released March 5, 2013


‏@sylvainreynard: The Portuguese translation of #GabrielsInferno, "O Inferno de Gabriel" is released February 15. Available for pre-order now. See other blog post dated 1-25-13.

2/9/13: MORE NEW COVERS and release information:

Link to order

POLISH-MUZA--Coming Soon: February 8, 2013 GI is available! GR due out March 27, 2013
See SR's Blog post on the Polish release

Banner of the International Covers of Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard thus far. Banner by Ana Sweetdirtydraco of Gabriel's Inferno Series Fans Spain.

Inferno goes Russian! Много поздравлений, SR, в переводе на русский язык Инферно Габриэля.

buy Russian Version here

@sylvainreynard: The Russian translation of #GabrielsInferno is now out, published by Azbooka. And the Italian translation is forthcoming in early April, SR


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