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SR's 9 Weeks on the NYT Best Seller List

August 5, 2012 marked a very exciting day for Sylvain Reynard and his fans when he first appeared on the New York Times Best Selling Author's list. He enjoyed a total of 9 weeks on the list but will forever be known as a New York Times Best Selling Author.

August 5 2012 NYT Best Seller List

On July 31, 2012 SR announced the news that his original Omnifics E-book edition of Gabriel's Inferno would be appearing on the August 5 list as well as announcing that Berkley Publishing, a division of Penguin would be publishing both of his novels.
In this post he had this to say:

There is no author without readers. So once again, please accept my gratitude and my recognition that these events are occasioned by you and your support.

All the best,


SR does appreciate his fans for their support. :-)

See post here:
SR's July 31, 2012 Blog Post

The Omnifics E-Book of Gabriel's Inferno made the list for 3 weeks.
8-05-12 #35
8-12-12 #35
8-19-12 #31

With the announcement of the new release to the much larger publisher the Omnifics editions became unavailable and SR fell off the list.

Fans waited with much anticipation for The Berkley/Penguin release set for September 4, 2012. It has become known as #SRDay as we all waited for the books to begin appearing on the shelf, 1st in The USA and Canada. Fans did much to prepare for the big day with special post on various blogs and tribute buttons and AVI's on twitter and Facebook such as this one that I wore with pride.

SR released this post on #SRDay

I recall how I felt when I was able to walk into my local Barnes and Noble and purchase my own copies of the new editions. Here is the picture I took before grabbing my copies trying not to audibly Squee!!!! as I skipped to the check out counter with the biggest smile on on my face. ;-)

With the big release we waited and hoped that these new editions of the books would make the list again. On September 23, 2012 we got our wish! SR's new editions of Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture jumped around the list for six weeks.

September 23, 2012 NYT Best Seller List

Pinterest Post Sylvain Renyard

Sept. 23, 2012- 1st week GI #14 on Paperback Trade Fiction, #15 on E-book Fiction and GR #27. Combined E-book/paperback trade Fiction GI #12.

Sept. 30, 2012- 2nd week Combined Print & E-Book Fiction: Gabriel's Inferno #30 Paperback Trade Fiction: Gabriel's Inferno #12 Gabriel's Rapture #17 E-Book Fiction Gabriel's Inferno #29 Gabriel's Rapture #35 Combined Hardcover & Paperback Fiction: Gabriel's Inferno #34

Oct. 7, 2012- 3rd week GI # 12 & GR #17 on Paperback Trade Fiction, #29 on E-book Fiction and GR #35. Combined E-book/paperback trade Fiction GI #30.

Oct. 14, 2012- 4th week GI #10 & GR #34 on Paperback Trade Fiction, GI #34 on E-book Fiction. Combined E-book/paperback trade Fiction GI 29#.

Oct. 21, 2012- 5th week GI #13 & GR #21 on Paperback Trade Fiction.

Oct. 28, 2012- 6th week GI #15 on Paperback Trade Fiction.

Pinterest Post Argyle Empire

SR was a finalist in The GoodReads Choice Awards for Gabriel's Inferno in 2011 and Gabriel's Rapture in 2012.

SR has gone on to appear on several other list including the USA Today Best Sellers List for several weeks.

Starting June 7, 2012 Gabriel's Inferno made the list and spent 18 weeks in the top 100. His best week on the list it hit #24.

Gabriel's Inferno USA Today

Gabriel's Rapture enjoyed 8 weeks on the list and on it's best week it hit #68.

Gabriel's Rapture USA Today

Argyle Empire Pin

We are so proud of SR for his success and thankful that he has shared his words with us. Now we wait for Gabriel Book 3! Check out the teasers he has done so far if you have not already.
Gabriel Book 3 teasers available here


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