Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy Release Day!

Today marks the release of the Spanish translations of the Gabriel series. In celebration, Ana of the GIFansSpain site has submitted a post about what this day means to her.

If you enjoy her post and want to keep up with news of the Spanish translations, be sure and follow @GIFansSpain on twitter.

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Capítulo 1

- ¿Señorita Mitchell?

La voz del profesor Gabriel Emerson atravesó el aula en dirección a la atractiva joven de cabello castaño sentada en las últimas filas. Perdida en sus pensamientos, o en la traducción, tenía la cabeza gacha, mientras tomaba notas frecuentemente en su cuaderno.

El Infierno de Gabriel de Sylvain Reynard. Editorial Esencia. Capítulo 1. Página 9.

Over a year ago, I thought I would never read that passage in Spanish.

Today I have in my hands, before my eyes, and in my own language the book that captured my heart and which gave, in some way, a different meaning to my life.

Today I will enjoy nuances that perhaps I lost previously because my English is poor, but best of all is that I can share now the stunning beauty of this complex story, the vital and emotional journey that I lived with the characters, with many people, known and unknown, who had no access to it by the language barrier. Spread the word, or what is the saying, Sharing is Love, that was my goal in the last months.

On the way, from the moment I learned about this novel until today, I met a group of people with whom I share every day passions, addictions, joy and humor. People like me, who love this wonderful story, from many countries and different nationalities, with different languages, united by a great author and his story about an amazing, unique and distinctive character: my Gabrielites and my dear GISisters.

I shared with them love for a story, admiration and devotion to its author, the excitement of seeing a book you love gain success and recognition (as it couldn’t be otherwise), the expectation of its progressive publication in other countries, the creation of a fraternal bond beyond space and time from the hand of a tenacious woman, intelligent and very human, Enn. How many times I asked her and Sylvain Reynard about the publication of the saga of Gabriel in Spanish! Such patience they had!

I'll never forget the day when Enn Bocci confirmed that Gabriel's Inferno was to be published in Spanish, I cried with joy. I immediately spread the news among all my Spanish speaking friends with whom I had shared my love for the story and that they too hoped for that time with the same intensity as me. I also shared the immense joy with my new sisters, who lived with me that emotion, feeling it as their own because I understood me perfectly.

Today that dream has been fulfilled, one more in my life. But this time, the most important thing is that I'm here celebrating and sharing it with so many people; that dream is the dream of many more.

The dream of those of us that love deeply Gabriel's Inferno, which we think is not only a romance, but an educated romance.

The dream of those of us that love his chapters, full of books, music, art, culture and refined eroticism.

The dream of those of us that love the tormented, brilliant scholar and seductively inviting Professor Gabriel Owen Emerson, whom we accompanied on his journey from his own personal hell to the gates of paradise.

The dream of those of us that have wished the absolution and forgiveness of his sins.

The dream of those of us that have been seduced by his words.

The dream of those of us that have cried with his pain.

The dream of those of us that have celebrated his meeting and union with his ideal woman, his Beatrice.

The dream of those of us that fervently dream and wish to be Julia.

I can only have words of gratitude, affection and admiration for the person who has made possible this moment, Sylvain Reynard, for the privilege of his writing, for his intelligent humor, for his way of flirting in 140 characters, for creating a beautiful story full of securities, intense feelings and sensuality, for stealing my heart with his words and giving it to Gabriel, an imperfectly perfect being now part of my life.

And thanks also to my friends, sisters and accomplices in this madness, Enn Bocci, and the girls on Argyle Empire and GIFansFamily.

And finally thanks, for sharing with me this moment, to all the people who have trusted GiFansSpain as support platforms to Sylvain Reynard and his wonderful novels.

Ana SweetDirtyDraco


rdmickey1989 said...

Oh Ana, I am so happy for you. How many years we have been together sharing this story? I am sure you are re-reading it again right now. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the covers :-)

Unknown said...

I love it Ana!!!! I cant wait to read it in Spanish!!!! ~Margie

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