Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Game! 1-26-13 Henry Cavill vs. David Gandy for the Professor

On January 26, 2013 join us on twitter to pick your perfect professor in a show down between Henry Cavill vs. David Gandy!
On the 26th tweet your favorite picture to SR's publicist, Enn: @ennbocci and she and SR will pick the winning photo.

Thank You @GIFansFilipino for creating these pictures!

Tweet it and spread the word!

On 1/26! We'll play a game. @HenryCavill_Fb vs @DGandyOfficial as #GabrielEmerson tweet perfect pics to @ennbocci & she'll pick a winner

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ETA: Iris made a pinterest to hold the event!
David Gandy vs. Henry Cavill as the Professor ~GAME 1-26-13


SR's Blog Post & List of WINNERS!

Congratulations to all 43 of you and thank you to all that participated!

Thank You to SR's publicist @EnnBocci for putting this together, to SR for the inspiration of your words and to David Gandy and Henry Cavill acting as our muses.;-)
@DGandyOfficial @HenryCavill_Fb


Unknown said...

David Gandy all day long! (or night!)

Anonymous said...

I'm not on Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest but I'm going to say David Gandy BY FAR!

Heather W. said...

I hate it, but is there not someone else that could be our Professor???

Jenn said...

Who do you picture, FJ? :)

~Elli~Iris~ said...

Of course you can pick anyone you want or I know some that don't want a physical representation to compete with the one in their mind when they read. This is just for fun and over all Henry and David seem to be the top 2 contenders thus the "contest" or "game" for the 2. Let us know Who you see or how you picture the Professor regardless. :-)

Heather W. said...

Jenn, Not really sure...But of those two shown, they don't do it for me...

Elli, I will look and let ya'll know...

Heather W. said...

Here are a couple of actors I like:

Liam McIntyre

I think this is nice of Hugh..

Kinda like this of Guy Pearce

and one more...Sam Worthington

Becky said...

Definitely David!!!! No question... As Rosie said... All day and most definitely ALL NITE!!!!

~Elli~Iris~ said...

FJ I made a new Pinterest and put your pics up. All on GOE. Trying not to go to heavey,,,but,,, he may not do it for you but he does it for others ;-) As does Henry and others! Keep the pics coming. Enn may need to be revived. ;-)

for those that do want to see the contest between the two: here are some of the pics I have caught! Hard to keep up! http://pinterest.com/elliiris/david-gandy-vs-henry-cavill-as-the-professor-game-/ And here is one for all Gabriel candidates: http://pinterest.com/elliiris/professor-gabriel-owen-emerson/

shazza fox said...

There are so many dark handsome men these days but David Gandy is the stand out of these times. I think he is the most fascinating man of the 21st century I want to remind everybody that David's 33rd birthday is February 19 so he will get many birthday wishes.

Jenn said...

I sense a celebration coming up on the blog...

Unknown said...

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