Monday, March 18, 2013

Destination Toronto: Harbour Sixty Steakhouse

"Harbour Sixty Steakhouse was a landmark in Toronto, a famous and very expensive restaurant popular with CEOs, politicians, and various other impressive personages. Professor Emerson ate there because their steak was superior to any other he had tried, and he was impatient with mediocrity. So it never occurred to him to take Miss Mitchell anywhere else."

Gabriel's Inferno, Ch. 5


When I first discovered "Gabriel's Inferno," this scene was the moment I realized just how desirable The Professor was. Up until this point, he hadn't shown us his better side and even though I found him a fascinating character, I wasn't sure if he would ultimately appeal to me (famous last words).

"Miss Mitchell had a lovely voice, it was true, but Miss Mitchell speaking Italian was something celestial.  Her ruby mouth opening and closing, the delicate way she almost sang the words, her tongue peeking out to wet her lips from time to time...Professor Emerson had to remind himself to close his mouth after it had dropped open.

Antonio was so surprised and pleased at her response that he kissed her cheeks not just once but twice and quickly led them to the back of the restaurant where he provided them with his best and most romantic table for two."

"He looked across the small and intimate table and saw that she actively avoided his eyes. She was studying the menu as if it were an exam, worrying her lovely lower lip between her teeth.

"You are invited, Miss Mitchell."

Her eyes darted to his with a questioning look.

"You are my guest.  Order whatever you like, but please order some meat." He felt the need to add that qualification since the express purpose of their dinner was to provide her with something more fortifying than couscous."

(Parenthetically, if you would like to peruse the menu, you can do so here.)

When The Professor took Julia to dinner at Harbour Sixty Steakhouse, I began to look at him in entirely different light. And it wasn't just because Emerson had decided to make sure Julia ate a decent meal, although it was a touching gesture.

Oh no.

It was this moment right here...

"Mr. Emerson watched, almost breathless, as she swirled the wine in her glass expertly, then lifted it so that she could examine it more closely in the candlelight. She brought the glass to her nose, closed her eyes, and sniffed. Then she placed the glass to her plump lips and tasted the wine, holding it in her mouth for a while before swallowing. She opened her eyes, even more widely, and thanked Antonio for his precious gift.

Antonio beamed, complimented Mr. Emerson on his choice of dining companion a little too enthusiastically, and filled both of their glasses with his favorite wine.

Meanwhile, Mr. Emerson had been adjusting himself under the table because the sight of Miss Mitchell tasting wine was the most erotic thing he'd ever witnessed. She was not merely attractive; she was beautiful, like an angel or a muse. And she wasn't merely beautiful; she was sensual and hypnotic, but also innocent. Her pretty eyes reflected a depth of feeling and radiant purity that he had never noticed before."

For me, this scene was critical in allowing me to see The Professor beyond his harsh exterior.  As their evening together progresses, we see Emerson unexpectedly drop his guard with Julia, allowing an honest admission to slip past his defenses.

"Antonio is very taken with you."

Julia looked up and smiled prettily. "He's very kind."

"You blossom under kindness, don't you? Like a rose." The words escaped his lips before he had time to consider them, and by the time they were pronounced and Julia had looked at him with no little warmth, it was far too late to retract them."

And swoon went this girl.
Next week, I'll be back to wrap up our tour of evenings out in Toronto, and you can expect a hell of a finale...

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Ana DirtyDraco said...

I want travel to Toronto, I want that an exciting, dark and sexy professor invited me to eat a steak and a glass of saw and seduce me filling all my senses. I love these trips to places of books.Thanks for these publications, help me build my scenarios of this magnificent story. ANA

Ana DirtyDraco said...

saw? argggg no. Wine, a glass of red, red wine

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I love taking travels to places depicted in books. It's one thing to be swept away vicariously through words, but then to actually SEE the places and that they actually exist is so thrilling!

Thank you for showing us these locations. I love every post.:)

P.S. I've always been fascinated by Romania and all it's myths, legends, and traditions that I'm FINALLY taking a trip there in July. I've always been fascinated by Vlad Tepes and now I'll also get to see what Bram Stoker was writing about in "Dracula". SSSQQUUEEE! Just thought I'd share.:)

Jenn said...

Thank you both. I'm glad you're enjoying the posts.

How exciting you get to visit Romania, Pawwla. You'll have to share how your trip goes.

I enjoyed my 5 days in Toronto immensely. I look forward to going back and seeing more of the sights there. :)

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