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Hello, everyone!

We have compiled all the links to interviews for Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture by Sylvain Reynard.

We hope that you'd enjoy the interviews as much as we all did, and we would like to thank Elli (@Iris_Elli) for putting all the links together on her Pinterest. I only copied and pasted them to this blog. 

Happy Reading!

Pinterest board: Interviews About Sylvain Reynard's Gabriel Series

VH1 Celebrity: Fifty Shades Of Grey, Make Room: Meet Sylvain Reynard, Author Of Gabriel’s Inferno via @KateSpencer

Justine Ashley Costanza via International Business Times Interview with Sylvain Reynard "Is Gabriel's Rapture' Sexier Than Fifty Shades Of Grey? Author Sylvain Reynard Says ?Seduction Begins With The Mind?"

Reynard on love, lust, marriage, etc. by Tintin Bersola-Babao from The Philippine Star

John Warner of Indie BookSpot Interview with Sylvain Reynard

Move Over 50 Shades of Grey, Here's the Gabriel Series by Bertrand Klein of Playboy.Com

USAToday Happy Ever After: Interview with Sylvain Reynard by Justin Ashley Costanza

Q&A with Sylvain Reynard by Penguin UK Books

PattinsonPost: Sylvain Reynard Talks Gabriel's Inferno, Teases Sequel & Answers Readers' Qs

A Q and A with the Mysterious Sylvain Reynard via Indigo Blog

Our own MOD @SerendipitousMC (Sue) Interview with Sylvain Reynard Part I of V

@SerendipitousMC with Sylvain Reynard Part II of V

@SerendipitousMC with Sylvain Reyard Part III of V

@SerendipitousMC with Sylvain Reynard Part IV of V

@SerendipitousMC with Sylvain Reynard Part V of V

Tigris Eden's Garden of Books: Interview with Sylvain Reynard

Jennifer Lane Books Blog: Review and Interview with Sylvain Reynard

A Tale of Many Reviews: Professor Emerson of Gabriel’s Inferno Himself

A Tale of Many Reviews: Cathing UP with Author Sylvain Reynard

Zeus Mediawelten: Sylvain Reynard als charmanter Interviewpartner

Cheeky Monkey: Updated Interview with Author Sylvain Reynard

Laura's Review Bookshelf: Guest Post - Professor Gabriel O. Emerson Speaks By Sylvain Reynard

Bookish Temptations: Interview with Sylvain Reynard

Tamie's Interview with Snarky Narrator via Bookish Temptations

Everything But the Books: Sylvain Reynard

Libros de Romantica (Spanish with English translation)

Bookish Temptations' My Book Boyfriend with the Snarky Narrator

Lush Book Reviews with Professor Emerson

Fire and Ice Interview with Sylvain Reynard

The Sub Club Books Interview with Professor Emerson

The Sub Club Books #LUSH101 Twitter Chat with Professor Emerson

Jen F. of Henry.Cavill.Org Interview with Sylvain Reynard

Gabby Barocio of En La Mira Interview with Sylvain Reynard (Spanish)

Fifty Shades Book Club: Character Interview of Gabriel's Inferno with Sylvain Reynard

Literati Lit Lovers: Lovers Month Guest Post: Courtly Love by Professor Emerson by way of Sylvain Reynard

SmutBookClub: 5 Awkward Questions with Sylvain Reynard


Unknown said...

This was a lot of work, but you've done an awesome job!!! I've been missing a few of them:) Thank you very much! xo

Ana DirtyDraco said...

Thank you very mucha ladies, and especially Elli. This is a little treasure.
Something that will be worth remembering and reread in a few years, when the fame of SR have universal universal scope. ANA

Jenn said...

Thanks for this post, Coco.

That was a lot of links to compile! :)

~Elli~Iris~ said...

Thanks all! We will keep putting more up as we remember and find them. If anyone has one to share let us know. :-) Iris~Elli

Selena-Nox said...
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Selena-Nox said...
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Selena-Nox said...
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Selena-Nox said...

I decided to put all missed links in one post, so I deleted the single posts.–and–media/erotic–novels–set–in–toronto–burn–up–the–bestseller–list/article4592644/?cmpid=rss1 (How long can the rich and famous ‘Gabriel’s Inferno’ author stay anonymous?)

And a bunch of interviews, articles and mention of GI series at

Jenn said...

Thank you, Selena!

We appreciate your help on this.

Jenn :)

Cielo Azul said...

on my blog I have an interview with the author as well.


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