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Destination Toronto: Lobby


"Lobby was an upscale martini bar and lounge on Bloor Street.  Gabriel, in true Dantean fashion, always referred to the club as The Vestibule, because he deluded himself that its inhabitants resembled the virtuous pagans who spent eternity in Dante's vision of Limbo.  In reality, however, Lobby and its patrons had far more in common with the various circles of Hell."
Gabriel's Inferno, Ch. 9
If there was one place I was absolutely dying to see in Toronto after reading Gabriel's Inferno, I have to admit it was Lobby.
It was not to be, however.
By the time I visited the city in 2011, Lobby was gone. Although the building is still there and is now operating as a new business, it is still easily recognizable from a distance.  Sadly, it appears that once The Professor found his Beloved and stopped making his regular visits there, the place just couldn't sustain itself without his patronage.
Even finding pictures online has proven to be a challenge for me this go round, but I did find this one and it made me smile. 
Any hope that this was taken with a certain iPhone?
I'm afraid we'll just have to look back fondly on the one or two evenings when we were swept away to Lobby with the Snarky Narrator.
"A double shot of Laphroaig twenty-five-year-old, neat, please. And ask the bartender for a small shot glass of spring water, non-sparkling," Gabriel instructed without making eye contact with the waitress.
The waitress left, and Rachel began to laugh. "Big brother, only you could make ordering a drink sound pretentious."
Julia giggled, if only because she like the sight of Gabriel's irritation at his sister's characterization.
"What's Laphroaig?" she asked.
"A single malt Scotch whisky."
"And the spring water?"
"Just a drop or two to open up the taste. I'll let you try it when it arrives." He hazarded a small smile in her direction, and she turned away, looking down at her lovely shoes.
He followed her gaze and found himself entranced by her beautiful high heels. Rachel had no idea how fine a purchase they'd been. It was worth every penny just to see Miss Mitchell's lovely legs, arched and lengthened by those exquisite shoes.  He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, hoping the movement would successfully dislodge his advancing arousal from its current trap.

It didn't."
Oh my.  I need a distraction after that. 
How about a fashion show filmed at Lobby?
It gives us an idea of what the place was really like back in the day. And I bet if you watch it, you'll spot a few of The Professor's favorite fashion accessories.  (I saw at least three, just sayin.)



It looks like Gabriel and Julia have made their way over to the dance floor while we were distracted by fashion.
"Relax," he whispered, his lips brushing against the skin of her cheek accidentally.
He brought their bodies close together, making sure that she could feel his chest against hers. Strong and hard met gentle and soft, as they brushed against one another through their clothing. Gabriel was now on his best behavior.
Julia didn't recognize the song he'd requested. The vocalist was singing in Spanish, and the words were unfamiliar, although she recognized the phrase besame mucho and knew that it translated as kiss me a lot. The arrangement itself was slow Latin jazz, and they swayed to it gently, Gabriel moving her across the dance floor like an expert. The fact that he'd chosen such an overtly romantic song made her blush.
I kissed you a lot, Gabriel, for one glorious evening. But you don't remember. I wonder if you'd remember me if I kissed you...
She felt his pinky graze the top of her barely there panties through her dress, and she wondered if he knew what lay beneath his finger. The thought that perhaps he did made her skin explode in heat.  She hid her eyes by keeping them determinedly fixed on the buttons of his shirt.
"It would be better if you looked me in the eye. It will be easier for you to follow my lead."
She found him smiling down at her, a wide and genuine smile that she hadn't seen in years. Her heart fluttered, and she beamed back at him, dropping her guard (but not her panties) for only an instant."
I think this is a good place for us to return to our banquette, listen to the music and let these two have their quiet moment.
This concludes my month long look at evenings out in Toronto.  I haven't quite decided what my Destination posts will be for April, so next week's post will be a surprise for us all.
In the meantime, I hope you have an enjoyable week.
Until then, take care,


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I wonder if SR frequented this establishment Mmmmm....... i wonder?

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*shrugs shoulders*

Anything's possible...

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