Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter and Passover from Argyle Empire!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all our friends in the Argyle Empire! 

We wish you every happiness and blessing this holiday season and always. We're very grateful for  your friendship, and for all the support you've given to SR and his writing. 

(And if you don't observe the holidays, please accept our gratitude and good wishes anyway.)

The adorable bunny pic was made by Gel, our wonderful GIFansPhilippines moderator.


Ana DirtyDraco said...

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to you too. You´re great ladies.

SerendipitousMC said...

Thank you, Ana! Same to you. We think you're pretty great, too.

Unknown said...

Hello Ladies!! I will have you know that even though I did not have the energy to write comments this week I did sneak a peek and read your fun Toronto posts on my phone when I wasn’t passed out on Morphine. My Doctor didn’t let me take my computer to hospital with me. He is a big ol’ meanie :) But He made me better and I am grateful for that. I listened to GI & GR on audio because I didn’t have the energy to hold a book but our dear Gabriel made me happy. I would even dream the books because I was listening to it nonstop on my iPod, (mix Gabriel, dragon tattoos and morphine…it was….interesting) LOL! Happy Easter All!!

Unknown said...

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all our friends. Watching The Bible on the History Channel brings the spirit of Holy week to us all. God Bless!!

Jenn said...

I hope everyone had an enjoybable Easter and Passover.

I've been sick much of the past week so I'm slowly returning to my regular online schedule.

I love that bunny, Sere. Very cute.


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