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Charity Tuesday: The Kinamba Project

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Today's post was submitted by Sheila and we thank her for sharing her personal experiences with Argyle Empire.

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The Kinamba Project

Mission Statement:

1) To advance the education of the poorest nursery and primary school children in Urugero and Umutaka areas of Kigali, Rwanda.

2) To relieve poverty by creating opportunities for the illiterate and/or unemployed adults and young people of the Urugero and Umutaka areas of Kigali, Rwanda so that they can acquire basic skills to enable them to earn a sustainable living.

The Kinamba Project

Hi everyone, and thanks to Jenn for inviting me to tell you a little about the Kinamba Community Project in Rwanda.

I’m sure that we’re all aware of the situation, politically and economically, in some of the more unstable countries in Africa.  Thankfully, it would seem that the dreadful events in Rwanda have calmed somewhat.  However, the impact on adults and children has been substantial.

I first became aware of the Project back in 2011.  Meg, a retired teacher who lives in a town near to me, had founded a school for adults and children in the Kigali area, and one of our choir members who knows her, had suggested we may be up for some fundraising.

In the event, our choir, which is not affiliated to any religious denomination, took part in a small charity concert at a local mediaeval church.  As we specialise in world music, in particular African call/response songs, Meg was extremely pleased when we raised £188.

We did a similar event last year and raised a further £250.  It turned out that part of the proceeds had been used to supply a bed for Immaculee, one of the helpers.  However, in the end, her home was in a terrible state of disrepair.  There was money and more to virtually rebuild her home and provide a bed.  Immaculee’s photo is among those on the Facebook page.  A brave and giving woman, she raises her own children alone as well as helping orphaned children.

Many of the children receive their only meal of the day at the school.  It’s not unknown for children to turn up on the Monday and faint during assembly as they’ve eaten little or nothing for two days.  When Meg told us this, it brought it to me, forcefully, how privileged we are. How dismissive of things we take for granted: clean running water, food, clothing, warmth when we need it. We have much to be thankful for.

I’m glad to have this chance to share what little I know of the Project with you all.  I think it epitomises the whole ethos of Charity – not to give in order to receive, but to give with a full heart, to extend a hand of friendship, however fleeting.  Meg, and her school, have sown the seeds of something wonderful.  Long may it continue.

If you want to find out how to donate to Kinamba, both the links above will give all the information.

Thanks for reading and God Bless.



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Thanks for spotlighting this cause guys. Every little helps!

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