Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grace & Richard Deleted Scene from Gabriel's Inferno Discussion

SR posted a new deleted scene from Gabriel's Inferno with Grace and Richard today on his blog. If you missed it you can read it HERE.

First, A little Mood Music:

SR Tweeted this just before the Deleted scene went live:

Loving Julia (playlist): Etta James - At Last - Lyrics: "(Hands out handkerchiefs) I didn't mean to invoke tears with that song. But I'll tell you what I know -Love doesn't die with a partner. Love is forever. I'll mention that both Richard and Grace appear in #GabrielsRedemption ..." ~SR via Twitter 7-25-13 #Grace Deleted Scene #Gabriel's Inferno

Thank You to SR and to Yel from The Itzel Library who inspired the posting of this deleted scene.

by SRFansUK

Looking back at some favorite quotes from Grace and Richard:

"If I know anything about Grace, it’s that she still loves you, and no doubt she’s lighting candles and praying for you, even now." ~Richard to Gabriel

"Without her, he seemed…adrift." #Grace #Richard

“#Grace loved you...She’s just a little closer to the source.” ~Richard to Gabriel

“I wouldn’t even speak to #Grace, even though she wrote me the most beautiful letter." ~Julia

"She was pretty sure that #Grace had had a hand in everything, and she silently whispered her thanks." ~Julia

"Perhaps this is happiness, he thought. Perhaps this is almost what Richard and #Grace had. The thought intrigued him. You love her. Gabriel started suddenly. Where had that voice come from? Had someone said it aloud?"..."You love her. Once again the voice came out of nowhere, only this time Gabriel recognized it. And he silently whispered his thanks." ~Gabriel

Tell us what you love about Grace and Richard and how they influence Gabriel and Julia.

Who do you picture when you read about Grace and Richard?


Blogmaitresse said...

So many 'pingbacks' to Grace's and Richard's influences. Even though they were late adoptive parents to Gabriel, I'm sure that he'd have absorbed the atmosphere of love and respect between them. As G observes: (paraphrase) 'I never heard them raise voices to one another.'

I hope he tries to emulate their relationship in respect of his own with Julia.

As for candidates: maybe Michelle Pfeiffer/Liam Neeson

Sheila x

Jdt said...

Gabriel became the part of the family there love was the most cherished ingredient. No wonder that he after finding his way back to the light, Gabriel's desire is to experience his "parents" eternal love with Julianne.
The quote I am thinking is really emphasize this is:
"Perhaps the reason why Richard and Grace were so happily married was because they had realistic expectations; they did't expect one another to meet all their needs. It would also explain why a spiritual dimension was so important to each of them"

I truly believe that Gabriel and Julia will experience the same eternal love that Grace and Richard shared, it just can not be otherwise.

My candidates for Richard and Grace ~ Sean Connery and Meryl Streep

Judith ❤

Unknown said...

I see Harrison Ford as Richard and Michelle Pfeiffer as Grace. I too feel Gabriel and Julia have the same intense love for one another that Richard and Grace had. I also think if anything does happen to Julia, (I hope not, but if it does), Gabriel will devote the rest of his life to the child they end up having, whether by adoption or natural.No other woman will ever replace his Julianne. I guess we'll have to wait until December 3rd to find out.

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