Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cranberry Sonnet by Mog to His Beloved Cran

Dearest Morgan Locklear has written this love poem for his and our Cranberry RandomCran
It looks like it also went up on bookish here:

Hugs for my Doppelganger and her romantic Mog ;-) ~Iris~Elli

Cranberry Sonnet

Render me mute my random Valentine
My art is filled with your sweet honey soul
Such a cute and shy fandom gal-o-mine
My heart is stilled when you tweet with control
I could dress up in the professor's clothes
(With you in one of Julianne's nighties)
Or I could show off with a Gandy pose
(Although I would need some tighty whities)
I hope you know that my depth of passion
Is rivaled only by my sincere trust
Not to mention you've improved my fashion
Because it's Argyle Empire or bust
Promise me to sing when a strange wind blows
And that the only thing you'll change is clothes

Cranberry has requested the Tighty Whities ;-)


Jenn said...

Thank you for helping him with this, Iris.

I am a blessed Cran. Truly.

~Elli~Iris~ said...

You are blessed Cran and he is a Blessed Mog as well ;-)
And I'm a blessed Doppelganger and we all are blessed Muses!!!! (and a Mog) :- )
~Your Iris ;-)

Jenn said...

Evil Cran Strikes Again...

Anonymous said...

Only Mog can combine tighty whities with love and passion and actually pull it off. Nice work, Mog! What a great Valentine for you, Jenn! Hope you both had a great V-Day. :)

Jenn said...

Hey nkubie!

Thank you so much. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's as well.

So good to see you here! Don't be a stranger! :)

Unknown said...

This was very romantic...very nice MOG! Lots of love to you two! ~Margie

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