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Destination Belize: Cuisine

"I think we missed our dinner because we were feasting on - ah - other things."

"And what a feast it was, Professor. At least there's a fruit basket."

She sat up, wrapping the sheet around her torso, while he walked over to the large basket that was sitting on the coffee table. He found a Swiss army knife in the kitchenette, made an adjustment to the music, and brought a mango with him to bed.

"I needed to match the song to the fruit," he said, his blue eyes sparkling. "Now lie back."

She felt her heart rate begin to increase.

"You don't need this." Boldly, he pulled the sheet away. Now they were both naked.

"Who's singing?"

"Bruce Cockburn."

He began cutting the mango slowly, his eyes exploring Julia's body.

She gave him a quizzical look. "Naked lunch?"

"More like a naked midnight snack."

Gabriel's Rapture, Chapter 19


Last week, we arrived in Belize and explored our accomodations at the Turtle Inn Resort. I don't know about you, but all that activity made me hungry, so let's see what's on the menu in our tropical paradise.

My research on Belize has revealed there is no truly distinctive cuisine for this culture. As we ponder our choices, it is safe to say we will discover a combination of Caribbean, Mexican, African, Spanish and Mayan influences.

With miles and miles of coastline, it should be no surprise that Belize is best known for its seafood. And if you like to indulge in lobster you're in luck because it's readily available and inexpensive.

However, there's no need to panic if seafood isn't really your thing. Stew chicken is considered a national dish.

Stews are also popular, including Chimole (black gumbo) and Sere, a coconut based seafood stew.

Another widely available dish is conch fritters, which are popular appetizers.

I've come to understand that no Belizean table setting is complete without a bottle of Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce. I wonder if the Professor's neighbor back at the ManuLife would appreciate some?

However, there is one bit of bad news for the Professor and Julianne. According to Frommers, "Belize doesn't have a very extravagant or refined dessert culture. After all, the country was colonized by the British, not the French."

But we all know the Professor enjoys a challenge and I'm sure he could find a creative way to introduce his Beloved to the wonders of the locally produced Goss Chocolate.

Is it hot in here? I'm suddenly feeling a bit thirsty. Thankfully, there are plenty of delicious beverages for us to enjoy. While fruit shakes are common, someone in a more adventurous mood might try out the local delicacy known as a seaweed shake.

This is a concoction made of dried seaweed, evaporated and condensed milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg, and blended with ice. They are sometimes kicked up with a shot of rum or brandy (which I would definitely request).

Speaking of rum...

The Caribbean is world famous for its rum production and Belize is no exception. I highly recommend a local brand called 1 Barrel (but please don't let Sailor Jerry know that I said that).

And if you're wondering what beer the Professor might have been enjoying as he sunbathed on the beach with Julianne, I would guess it was likely a bottle of Belikin.

But if for some reason, none of these dishes hold an appeal for you, there's always the mango.

With deft fingers he cut a small slice of the fruit, juice dripping from his hands and onto her abdomen. She arched an eyebrow.

"Hmmm." He peered at the juice with an impish expression. "I'll have to take care of that."

She opened her mouth as he leaned forward to feed her. "You have a feeding fetish," she said, licking her lips and angling for more.

He bowed before her in obeisance, his tongue snaking out to capture the liquid from her stomach. "Pardon?" he asked.

Julia groaned incoherently.

"It isn't a fetish so much as an act that gives me joy. I like to care for you, and there's something sensual about sharing food with a lover." He eschewed her lips to kiss her shoulder, the tip of his tongue tasting her skin. Withdrawing, he cut another slice of fruit. A few droplets fell like liquid sunshine on her left breast.

"Damn. Forgive my mess."


Since it looks like Gabriel and Julianne will be enjoying another feast for two inside their private hut, we best find other ways to occupy our time in Belize. Next week, I'll be back to show you what kind of things you can do in Belize (besides the Professor).

Until then,take care,


Ana DirtyDraco said...

Since I read that chapter of Gabriel´s Rapture, I have never watched a Mango in the same way. Now I savor it differently, seems a beautiful fruit, juicy and sensual.
I love smoked salmon accompanied by slices of mango and kiwi and a glass of brut champagne ... I imagine sharing this food with my beloved Gabriel in Belize... and authentic shivers of pleasure shaking my body. Even my car freshener, is mango flavor. OMG !!!

Unknown said...

I love mango too! I often have mango trolebus for lunch!! I love it!!! My mom went to Belize years ago and brought back Marie Sharps hot sauce, it is the best hot sauce in the world!! I have been ordering it by the case for over 10 years! We eat it with everything! I even carry the little travel bottles in my bag! I wonder if the Professor likes Marie Sharps!?!? ~Margie

Elena said...

Great post, Jenn! Now I'm hungry...
I love mangoes!! Wish I could share them with The Professor in Belize...


MeilleurCafe said...

This will be one of my all-time favorite posts from any blog. How can I resist something so full of mango?

I've enjoyed this so, so much, Jenn.. Thanks for letting us see more of what Julia and the Professor enjoyed on their trip to Belize. It's a part of the book that's very special to me, for obvious reasons.

Now we need a post on the benefits of cranberries.


Jenn said...

Thanks, Everyone! I'm glad you're enjoying the scenery. :)

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