Monday, February 25, 2013

Destination Belize: Farewell

"It seemed like forever, but it was really only a few minutes later when Julia emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in his Christmas gift. The black satin fabric accentuated the pink and cream of her skin, while the corset itself made her breasts look fuller and her waist smaller. Gabriel couldn't help but admire the exquisite hourglass that was Julia's now transformed figure.

His eyes hungrily regarded the merest glimpse of black lace panties, paired with black-silk stockings that were held up by a garter belt.  Finally and gloriously, a pair of black pumps decorated her feet.

Gabriel nearly had a heart attack when he gazed at the shoes alone.

"Bonsoir, Professeur. Vous allex bien?" Julia purred.

It took a moment for him to figure out why she'd made this linguistic choice, so taken as he was by her figure and her footwear.

Julia was wearing his beret.

When his eyes finally met hers, she watched him swallow hard.  She pouted at him provocatively and removed her hat, tossing it at him. After he threw it aside, she walked slowly, very slowly, to the bed.

"I really like my Christmas present, Professor."

Gabriel gulped, at a loss for words.

"Have you seen the back?" She pivoted her hips, watching him over her shoulder.

He reached out a finger to touch the laces that tied the corset, dragging his hand down to the panties that cut across her pert backside.

"Enough teasing, Miss Mitchell. Come here." He pulled her to him, bringing their mouths together in a forceful kiss.

"I'm going to take my time unwrapping my gift - with the exception of the shoes. I hope for your sake they're comfortable."

Gabriel's Rapture, Ch. 19


I've had such a wonderful time exploring Belize with you, but sadly it's time to say goodbye to this incredible place.  Before we go, let's stop by the souvenir store for an item or two to remember our incredible moments here. 


(My sincere thanks to those who created such lovely fan art.)

For Book Lovers:


For Gourmets:

For Music Lovers: 

For Entertainers:

For Art Lovers:

For Her:

For Him:

(Courtesy of IndiaRose)

For Them:

I'm afraid it's time to board our flight...

While I'm sure we'll all miss this tropical paradise, I've already prepared a recovery from our post-vacation blues.

I'll be back next week with the first installment in a new series of  Destination posts, and I look forward to sharing some new adventures with you.

Until then, take care,


Elena said...

I wanted to thank you, Jenn, for these wonderful posts on Belize. I really enjoyed them!
I'll miss Belize, but I can't wait for your Destination posts!


Unknown said...

Thank you for putting the amazing post together. Loved it! You all do such a wonderful job entertaining us with our favorite couple, Gabriel and Julianne. :)

~Elli~Iris~ said...

Great Series Miss Cranberry!

MeilleurCafe said...

Beautifully done as always, Miss Cran. Thanks for all your hard work. I've loved reading these posts.

Unknown said...

This was fun gals! Farewell Belize! I love your blog :)

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