Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

There's lots going on in the Empire to celebrate Valentine's Day!

SR's blog features a *scorching* outtake from the Gabriel series:

(While you're there, scroll down to yesterday's post and check out the contest! The prizes are awesome.)

Tamie from Bookish Temptations tells us about her shopping date with the Professor:

Bookish Temptations is also offering a GI/GR giveaway:

The Book List Reviews has a very hot outtake from "Gabriel's Rapture:"

And Literati Literature Lovers has a guest post on courtly love, authored by the Professor:

Happy reading!

*Mango goes off in search of a cold shower and a cool drink...*



Love Gabriel Emerson, A Valentine’s Special: A Gabriel Series Outtake (Sylvain Reynard)

On THESUBCLUBbooks. SR takes us for a voyeuristic view of the professor and Julia's shopping trip in London to Agent Provocateur.
Also including a Trailer for SR's Chocolate inspired Gabriel Series Outtake, by Jenna.




Jenn said...

Thank you so much, Mango, for putting all these links in one place. I barely had time to log on today so this was a huge timesaver (and an erotic overload of epic proportions). Thank goodness for my very considerate fellow Shallow Pervs.

Unknown said...

I loved them all!!! It doesn’t take much to satisfy me when it comes to the Professor…. I am so easy...

Ana DirtyDraco said...


Unknown said...

happy valentines day to you

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