Sunday, February 24, 2013

The "Best of" awards for GI/GR


The Academy Awards will be presented tonight on American television. It's a great way to honor some of the finest films of the past year, and that got us thinking..about awards, performances, and what it means to be the "best of" anything. We decided to come up with some of our own ways to honor SR's books and writing - all in good fun, of course.

There are so many great characters, scenes, and moments in "Gabriel's Inferno" and "Gabriel's Rapture" that it's hard to narrow down the categories. Here are a few we think should be presented.

Best fashion accessory, male: “Tie” between bow ties and the beret

Best fashion accessory, female: Prada heels

Best fashion accessory, sibling: Boxer shorts with smiley faces (Scott)

Best supporting actor, Superman Pyjama Division: Handsome Neighbor

Best word you’d never thought of before but now use all the time: Parenthetically

Best character we never see but couldn’t do without: Snarky Narrator

Best temper tantrum:  The Professor and Julia, in the seminar, with the broken whiteboard marker

Best use of a museum for other than artwork: Gabriel and Julia (twice)

Best supporting performance by a fruit: mango (You know I had to list this one.)

Best Impulsive Expletive, Mixed Species Division: "Angelfucker"

Best Impulsive Expletive; Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Ex-Boyfriend Division: "Listen, motherfucker, you're lucky we aren't in the same room or you'd be spending the evening in surgery trying to have your head reattached to your body." (Gabriel)

Best Use of a Common Household Item: the purple towel
Most Heartbreaking Body-Art Mystery: the dragon tattoo

What awards would you give to SR or his characters?

Best song?

Best location or setting for any scene?

Best "burn"? (Please let it involve Christa...)

Give us your ideas in the comments!

(Thanks to Gel for the special Gandy photo, and to Jenn, MOG, Elli, Coco and Enn for help with this post!)


Blogmaitresse said...

Love love love these nominations! Here's mine:

Best invocation of a nasty disease (prevention of): Gabriel and Julia in the orchard and elsewhere: "You might catch pneumonia. And die."

Blogmaitresse said...

Best International Expletives (Julia): 'Stronzo!' 'Verpißt an!' ('Asshole'/'Bugger off to …' respectively)

MeilleurCafe said...

Great additions! I completely forgot about a category like Best Use of Foreign Language. *smacks forehead*

Blogmaitresse said...

Lol Mango xx

Unknown said...

I love this post!!!
My addition is:
Best Ass Kicking Scene...When Gabriel kicks Simons ass.

Best Wallbanger Scene...I think G&J have the best wall sex.

The Wanderer said...

Best Song for me will always be Besame Mucho... First song that they danced to together. Best Location or Setting for a scene would be after the Gabriel and Julia's war of words and when he calls her in his office and also in the museum. And also I would've loved it if they had actually done something with one of the Victorian Beds at the museum ;) That would've been a great setting! Also SR's ability to create such good characters, I mean, only a guy who so well understands a lady's feelings can pen such beautiful stories! So an award for that too :)

The Wanderer said...

Also the award for the Best Drunken Slur when Julia brings Gabriel home when he's totally sloshed! " “You picked me up, you naughty little kitty...", “You’re taking me to bed, but you haven’t even kissed me yet..." and “Then I’ll go to bed like a good little boy. And maybe, if you’re a very good kitten, I’ll let you join me.” ;)

The Wanderer said...

And how can I NOT mention this - the award for Best Way To Lose Your Virginity! ;) The way Gabriel is so caring and gentle with her yet passionate and intense! Love it! :)

Blogmaitresse said...

Best Romantic Quote (of so many) from Gabriel: "I breathe you. You're everything. You're the air."

MeilleurCafe said...

Awesome comments! I love how creative you all are. :)

Best Way To Lose Your Virginity - absolutely. Every woman should be so fortunate.

Blogmaitresse said...

Best ''I Wish Julia Would Have Kicked Simon" scene: when she found him in bed with Natalie. Boy could she have done some damage in the Crown Jewels department

TerrytheNurse said...

Best 3-word sentence: "BITE ME,GABRIEL!"

Maria said...

Best erotic performance witnessed by Prof. Emerson (twice): Miss Mitchell tasting the wine.

Unknown said...

Best song, "Besame Mucho".
Best scene, "In the apple orchard where they fell in love and got officially engaged".
Heart breaking quotes,"...I told you that I would go to Hell to resuce you and that's just what I did." He lifted his chin. "And I'd do it again." (Now peeps, that is true love!)And then when they reunited in Cambridge during a thunder storm.
"Julianne, will you let me kiss your hand?" (I cried like a baby with that scene).Actually, I shed many tears reading this story.
BEST AUTHOR "Sylvain Reynard", because of his brilliant writing and compassionate heart and philanthropic work all over the world.

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